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Chad's Love
03rd December 2012
Chad & Alison were married back home in the USA. They brought the dress all the way to Antigua to shoot a Trash the Dress with us. Today was the most perfect day!

Blue Bird singing in the pouring rain...
06th May 2012
Mr & Mrs Remeri joined me today for a Trash the Dress shoot. I can speak a little Italian, they could speak very little English but somehow I was able to make myself understood, well at least I like to hope that was the case. The day started out with black rain clouds and by the time we started our shoot, thunder, lightning and heavy rain was what we had to work with.

We had a lot of fun and they were both great sports! Thank you!

Lucy & Chris
11th April 2012
Lucy and Chris were married at Hawksbill in Antigua. Chris has been coming to Hawksbill since he was a child and his heart was set on a trash the dress shoot on site. As I had never shot a wedding there, I was intrigued to see what we could achieve.

We had a lot of fun, climbing the sugar mill tower and being a touch away from being swept out to sea. It always amazes me the length to what my brides will get up to, I am always pushing the boundarys to get the 'perfect' shot and put my brides in the most awkward and uncomfortable positions. Thanks to Lucy and Chris for bing such good sports!

Mr & Mrs Chapman
07th April 2012
Creative, or Trash the Dress shoots are my favourite. After a very romantic and intimate wedding at Cocobay Resort we eloped to English Harbour where we had fun getting wet and swimming in milk. Thanks to Jen and Brian for being so fearless and full of adventure!

We shot the milk shoot in a Cappa (Copper), this is a large, round, copper or iron pot used from the 18th century to boil sugar-cane juice during the heating process that crystallized it into sugar. A series of taches stood in a row over a furnace and the thickening boiling juice was ladled from one tache to the other. Later, when the sugar industry declined, these were also used to boil lime juice, to concentrate it, and as a 'platin' for making cassava flour.

Wonderful mix..
13th March 2012
This afternoon I met Patrycja who comes from Poland and Ravi who hails from India. They were married at Cocobay Resort, Antigua surrounded by 16 close friends and family. Congrats to Mr & Mrs Nath!

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